December 1, 2011 | Numerati Partners is Established

Numerati™ Partners, a privately-held data analytics investment and development consortium has been established, with a mission to curate the next generation of scalable data-intensive risk and liability management enterprises, by providing resources critical to accelerating the development of nascent leading-edge inferential surveillance, monitoring, and predictive analytics technologies for deployment in forensic domains of RiskTech, LitTech and FinTech (i.e. risk technology, litigation technology and financial technology).

A particularly critical resource available to Numerati-sponsored portfolio ventures is access to the world-class researchers and leading-edge resources available via the consortium, and its academic affiliates via the RiskEcon® Lab network (e.g. RiskEcon® Lab for Decision Metrics @ Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the CEcADA collaborative at NYU). Suitable and appropriate researchers and management advisors are key contributors to the identification and evaluation of potential investment opportunities, as well the development and commercialization strategies of Numerati ventures. Access to consortium resources and infrastructure via strategic public-private-academic-NGO partnerships enables Numerati ventures to engage capital-intensive and expertly-maintained infrastructure and capacity into their R&D and commercialization programs, without the substantial capital outlays that may otherwise be needed to acquire, operate, and maintain these resources themselves.