David Mordecai participated in FinTech Innovation Lab 2016 Demo Day

David K.A. Mordecai, participated in FinTech Innovation Lab (FTIL) 2016 Demo Day on June 23rd 2018 as Scientist-in-Residence for FTIL.

FinTech Innovation Lab (FTIL) is an accelerator platform for early and growth stage technology firms, organized by The Partnership Fund for New York City, in conjunction with Accenture and a consortium of venture capital firms and global financial institutions.

As Scientist-in-Residence for FTIL, Dr. Mordecai is one of three distinguished senior advisors who are members of the FTIL Mentors Network, comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs that have successfully launched and scaled a financial technology company to acquisition or IPO. Members of the Network serve as mentors and informal advisors for companies accepted into FTIL, providing guidance on the broad range of issues faced by senior management of fintech companies. The other two senior advisors that serve in a similar capacity for the FTIL portfolio companies as Dr. Mordecai are CTO-in-Residence Andy Brown, former group chief technology officer at UBS, and Executive-in-Residence Cristobal Conde, former CEO of Sungard.

FinTech Innovation Lab 2016 Demo Day

Applicants to FTIL must have at least a working beta version of their technology that is ready for testing in either the institutional or retail market. The Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) from the 15 supporting financial firms selected the current set of eight participants for the 2016 cycle:

      • 51 Maps – provides a secure platform that allows companies to integrate all of the applications used by employees into one central, secure dashboard that can be accessed on any device. This enables a seamless, intuitive user experience with enhanced security and navigation, increasing employee efficiency as well as the overall customer experience.
      • Alphapoint – provides blockchain-enabled solutions to issue, track, and trade digital assets. Its secure, scalable, and customizable platform enables customers to deploy blockchain technology today to reduce operational costs and generate revenue from new products and services. AlphaPoint has 3 live blockchain applications, with over 20 customers, and over $500 Million transacted on the platform.
      • Cambridge Blockchain – an identity management platform for multinational banks that puts control of personal identity data back in the hands of the end user. This blockchain-enabled approach meets the strictest new data privacy rules, eliminates redundant know-your-customer compliance steps and improves the user experience.
      • Forward Lane – uses artificial intelligence to scale the quality and sophistication of ultra-high net worth investment advice to everyone. The wealth management solution empowers financial advisors to deliver high-quality, personalized and differentiated service to clients.
      • Quarule – automates risk controls and compliance certification at scale by teaching computers the meaning of regulations, policies and standards using Artificial Intelligence and technology licensed from SRI International.
      • Syndicated Loan Direct – extracts information from unstructured legal debt documents using artificial intelligence to create financial metrics that drastically reduce analysis time, improve capital management, assist with quicker trading decisions, and increase liquidity.
      • TRex – a platform that provides tools for sophisticated risk analysis and valuation of assets to make the finance process more efficient and transparent, shortening the transaction time from up to six months to less than one week. The platform initially focuses on renewable energy assets, such as solar, and plans to expand into additional asset classes.
      • Untapt – a data-driven hiring platform that uses machine intelligence to better match quality technologists with hiring managers. This allows companies to fill their growing need for engineering talent, solving a critical industry pain point. untapt can be used to bring new talent into a company, or can be used within an organization as an internal mobility tool.


David Mordecai is Co-Managing Member of Numerati® Partners, and Lead Investigator at RiskEcon® Lab @Courant.

About Numerati® Partners LLC

Numerati® Partners LLC coordinates a data analytics and development ecosystem, with the mission of advancing and fostering the next generation of scalable data-intensive risk and liability management enterprises. The firm provides resources fundamental to advancing the development of nascent leading-edge inferential surveillance, monitoring, and predictive analytics technologies for deployment within the RiskTech domain: risk technologies associated with adaptive distributed, networked and embedded systems such as remote sensing, agent-oriented data analytics, computing and control systems. Numerati® Partners curates integrated RiskTech solutions as well as forensic and use-case applications in RiskTech sub-domains such as LitTech, RegTech, FinTech and InsurTech (litigation technology, regulation technology, financial technology and insurance technology).

About RiskEcon® Lab @ Courant

The mission of RiskEcon® Lab @ Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences is to enable, facilitate and coordinate academic research focusing on these patterns and trends, via the development of commercially-viable, analytic applications employing computational statistical tools in conjunction with innovative and non-traditional data structures. In addition, the lab’s activities involve the advancement of applied mathematical statistics and computational economics, through interdisciplinary post-doctoral, postgraduate, graduate research and education in data science and social computing.

RiskEcon® Lab for Decision Metrics was established in 2011 at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, an independent division of New York University (NYU). Courant is considered to be one of the world’s leading mathematics educational and scientific research centers, and has been ranked first in research in applied mathematics.

About FinTech Innovation Lab

The New York FinTech Innovation Lab’s 31 alumni companies have raised a total of $296 million in financing after participating in the program, and four have been acquired, two in 2015 alone, including Standard Treasury and BillGuard. Financial services firms supporting the Lab are: Ally Financial; American Express; American International Group, Inc.; Bank of America; Barclays; BlackRock; Capital One; Citi; Credit Suisse; Deutsche Bank; Goldman Sachs; The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America; JPMorgan Chase & Co; Morgan Stanley; New York Life; and Wells Fargo. Supporting venture-capital firms include Bain Capital Ventures, Canaan Partners, Contour Venture Partners, Nyca Partners, Rho Ventures, RRE Ventures and Warburg Pincus.

About Partnership Fund for New York City

The Partnership Fund for New York City (PFNYC) was founded by Henry R. Kravis, and is led by CEO and President Maria Gotsch, and capitalized by leaders of global business and finance. The mission is to mobilize investor resources in order to create a more diversified local economy.  PFNYC  has established a network of leading experts from the investment and corporate spheres, in order to provide assistance in identifying and supporting New York City’s most promising entrepreneurs, in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

June 24th 2016, New York, NY